Saugatuck Grain & Grape

I’m a long standing citizen of Westport who really loves her community. I started Saugatuck Grain & Grape because I felt that our neighborhood was ready for revitalization and I wanted to be part of it. My love of wine certainly made the decision easier. My mission was to bring as many small producers, who believe in “natural” winemaking, to my store as possible. I want my customer to know that the wines they buy from me are as untouched or unadulterated as possible. I was not interested in being the typical big brand store. I want you to know the winemaker’s story because that story speaks to the love in the bottle. The generations of family that have worked their vineyards together is evident the minute you pop a cork. You can smell and taste the history in each bottle. To me, that is the magic.

The defining moment for me was when I met Lori Cochran. I’d been shopping the Westport Farmers Market on and off for years. However, Lori’s vision was contagious and I wanted to be involved. It was not enough to simply support my local restaurants and butcher who bought from the area farmers, I wanted to be part of this community. I believe in supporting this market because I wanted to spread the awareness that it’s important to eat as close to the ground as possible, as well as, fuel ourselves with meat/poultry free of antibiotics and inhumane slaughtering practices. It’s easy to say you shop a healthy market, but as we all know, there is not always truth in that advertising. The Westport Farmers Market is the gathering place where we can all go and meet our local farmers and become friends with them, united in our support of these amazing people who throw their life long passion into what they do. Saugatuck Grain & Grape is proud to live by that example and help make sure that the market grows each year.