Patti Brill

Who are you?

Patti Brill, Owner of Patti’s Personal Accounting, and WFM Board Treasurer. I am also married, and the mother of four children.

Why are you a part of the local food community?

I have held various Board and volunteer positions in numerous capacities, and I enjoy volunteering in my community, especially when my children are right beside me.  I am so proud that my two older children are studying Environmental Science in college.  I have no doubt they will help make the world a better place for all of us.

Why do you support the WFM?

I truly believe in the message of the Westport Farmers’ Market. It is important to support our local farmers. I believe there is a direct correlation to our health and the food we eat.

What is the freshest thing in your kitchen right now? 

I try to always have fresh fruit and vegetables in the kitchen. In my kitchen, you can always find plenty of healthy choices to appease all the favorites of each of the members of my family.

If you could become a vegetable, which would you choose?

Probably a carrot.  It’s a root vegetable and would represent my strong rooted morals and values that I have learned from my family growing up.  Also, it is the one vegetable that my entire family will eat without complaining!  It is also great for my eyes, which helps me be prepared for what lies ahead.