Oxhollow Farm

Ox Hollow farm is a diversified, family operated farm nestled in Roxbury, CT at the gateway of Litchfield County. Established in 1994 by Mark Maynard with the mission of providing hormone and antibiotic free products to consumers, Mark has utilized his education and upbringing to produce all-natural, pasture raised Angus beef as well as high-grade pork, lamb and poultry. Mark’s 20+ years of experience raising beef has been entrenched with his belief in conservation and obtaining maximum crop yields.Mark’s parents promoted raising beef during Mark’s childhood aiming that their children would learn all-natural livestock practices. Mark went on to study at the University of Connecticut’s Department of Animal Science while initiating Ox Hollow Farm. Through educational and professional experiences, Mark has broadened his network with other farmers nationwide. Mark has utilized these experiences to innovate his own practices. Mark raises all stock on the farms acreage utilizing rotational grazing to expose animals to full pasture spring thru fall months. During the winter months the animals are housed in an open housing with a free environment offering hay, and corn silage, all grown and processed at Ox Hollow Farm.