CT Bites

CT Bites is a web-based community built by and for people who love food in Connecticut. We are that friend of yours that always seems to know the right place to go, the right time to visit, and the right thing to order.

We love to scout, celebrate and tease out the new and noteworthy and share it with you so you can then go forth and discover it for yourself. We aim to try each and every restaurant, diner and dive; we  visit every bakery, farmer’s market, and fishmonger, and are thrilled when we can speak with fellow writers, bakers and chefs.

Founded in 2009 by Stephanie Webster, the site has grown to include a dozen contributors and thousands of enthusiastic eaters just like you.

Our involvement with The Westport Farmers’ Market is simply a no-brainer. The market is passionately devoted to highlighting the very best local purveyors, chefs, and farms in Fairfield County and their commitment to the community is something CTbites strives for in everything we do. We work with the market in synergy as one of their marketing arms, with the goal of  spreading the word on the importance of shopping locally and eating real food.