Cecily Gans

Who are you? 


I’m a mother, chef, educator, coffee snob, creator of cool comestibles and edible delicacies, gastronomic explorer, and certified holistic health coach.


Why are you a part of the local food community?


It’s part of my philosophy of life and work. It’s something I firmly believe is the backbone of a community. Supporting the local community also helps to support other dynamics within that community.


Why do you support WFM?  


Again, it’s a part of my ‘agenda’. Many years prior to WFM, I made going to farmers markets a part of my routine and part of my program’s curriculum. I do believe that the local food community plays a key role in the health and well being of the community as a whole. Westport’s market nurtures the vitality of the community in so many ways; its success promotes the success of many other programs and provides nourishment and sustenance in a bevy of ways beyond raw ingredients.


What’s the freshest thing in your kitchen right now?  


Strawberries, snap peas and loads of greens.


If you could become a vegetable, what would you choose? 


Without reservation – an artichoke – really a thistle; uniquely complex in flavor and especially texture. I realize there is nothing local to CT about artichokes, they flourish in central California, southern France and Italy – some of my favorite places on earth. Artichokes have beautiful and subtle colors, calm hues of green, bright purples. Texturally, they have it all: sharp, velvety soft, fibrous strength and structure. Much like lobster, you have to work to get to the best parts. They have, since childhood, been a favorite – a splurge – in flavor and ‘personality’.