Ryan Fibiger

Who are you?  Ryan Fibiger, Founder and CEO of Fleisher’s Craft Butchery

Why are you a part of the local food community?  

I started Craft Butchery on a shoestring five years ago and this community has welcomed us with open arms.  We’re proud to be a member of this local food community that shares our passion for pasture-raised meats that are not just better tasting but better for our customers, our farmers and the land we share.

Why do you support WFM?

Supporting the local food community is a personal and professional passion.  Over the past five years I’ve watched the WFM become the central figure of Fairfield County’s food system.  I want to help support local farms and encourage people to take local ingredients into their own kitchens by creating a bond between the consumer and the producer that doesn’t exist at grocery stores.  There is also a social and educational aspect of the market that I enjoy and I think needs to be supported and encouraged.

What’s the freshest thing in your kitchen right now? My wife.

If you could become a vegetable, which would you choose? 

Fiddleheads.  They taste like my childhood (mainly spent eating ferns).  They’re fantastically unique and look like something the Mad Hatter would serve at a dinner party.