Michel Nischan

Who are you? Michel Nischan

Why are you a part of the local food community?  I was raised by parents who could not continue to farm because it became unviable in the early 1950’s. I worked what was left of my grandfather’s farm and learned how to cook, can, pickle, butcher, hunt and fish. I felt knowing about food this way was normal. As I grew and ended up in the culinary workforce, I learned saw that we were in danger of loosing the type of good, wholesome, heirloom foods that I grew up knowing as normal. I’ve worked all on my life to improve this.

Why do you support WFM? Same as above

What’s the freshest thing in your kitchen right now? The chives and other herbs that are in my garden waiting to be picked

If you could become a vegetable, which would you choose?  Kohlrabi because it’s weird and wonderful